Buddies are assigned with one of our guests to be their escort throughout the event. We ask that all buddies be at least 13 years old or older and be willing to be paired with one of our guests. All buddies must complete a background check or bring one to one of the host churches before the event if they are 18 or older. If you need a background check completed, please use the following link to complete one: nighttoshineroanoke.quickapp.pro/

No, you do not. We will have people sign up to be buddies, and on the day of the event, we will assign each guest one of our buddies that have signed up to volunteer.

Yes. If you plan to be your guest's buddy, please register yourself as a buddy and include on the registration form the name of the person you want to be paired with in the additional information section. However, if you do not want to be your guest's buddy, we will have volunteers that would love to be with your guest during the event.

We will have a hospitality room available for all parents, siblings, and caregivers during the event. We encourage family members that do not wish to be a buddy to hang out in our hospitality suite which will have food and different activities available. Parents/caregivers are also able to drop their guest off and leave during the event and come pick them up at the end of the night.

Because of liability reasons, no one except for family members and caregivers will be allowed to assist a guest in the bathroom. If your guest will need assistance in the bathroom, we ask that you stay in our hospitality room during the event, so we can notify you if your guest needs to go to the bathroom and needs assistance.

No it does not! Night to Shine is free for all of our guests. We fund this event through donations, fundraisers, grants, and businesses donating their time and resources to us. If you would like to give a donation to help with the event, please visit our donations/fundraisers page.

No you do not! All of our items at the Dress and Suit day are donations from the Roanoke community and other surrounding areas. The guests can pick an outfit for the dance, and it belongs to them! We do not charge any money if the guest finds an outfit, and the guest does not have to return the items to us after the event.

We have had issues with our emails going to spam folders so make sure to check your spam folder to see if you have an email from us.

The Tim Tebow Foundation requires that ALL volunteers and buddies have a completed background check that is on file with one of the host churches. This is to protect all of our honored guests and to ensure that they have the best night possible.

We ask that you wear what is appropriate for our volunteer assignment. If your volunteer assignment is not listed below, please use your best judgement or email us at info@nighttoshineroanokeva.com.